Purchasing Rebates

Cannabis Business Purchasing Rebates

Income from rebates can make a major contribution to wholesale distributors’ and retailers’ margins in the future of the Cannabis industry. CannaForm is ready to step in and offer a comprehensive solution to model, administer, report, and analyze all your rebate programs – whether they’re based on volume, growth, or a combination of multiple criteria for customers and products. The solution delivers deep, actionable insights into program performance, allowing you to take timely action to ensure that your rebate programs maximize value.

Features and Benefits:

• Track cannabis quantity, percent, and flat tiered volume and growth purchasing rebates
• Improve accuracy by including or excluding customer sales in rebate calculations
• Adjust program criteria midstream and retroactively recalculate amounts due
• Record pre-determined objectives and achievements to align with vendor payments
• Maximize payments with optimal purchasing volumes
• Gain granular allocation of rebates to determine true profitability

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