Flat Fee Collection Service Benefits

Flat Fee Collection Service Benefits

Collect Aging Accounts Receivables Faster
  • Submitting accounts as soon as they become past due means you will recover monies faster than waiting for 60, 90 or 120 days to involve a commercial collection agency.
  • Quicker recovery will improve cash flow.
Control Your Cash Flow
  • Your customers will send payments directly to you, even after we become involved in the bad debt collections process.
  • There is no need for you to wait while we process the check, deduct our fee and then finally forward payment on to you; further adding to your DSO.
  • You stay in control of your cash.
Pay Less For Debt Collections
  • Benefit from our technology and process efficiencies…pay a small fixed fee per cannabis collection account versus the average 25% contingent collection fee charged by most commercial collection agencies
Reduce Internal Costs
Keep In Touch With Your Customers
  • Even after your account is submitted to us for collections, you will remain the point-of-contact for your customer.
  • This enables you to better manage customer relations and delicate situations with your important customers.
Make Commercial Debt Collections Efficient
  • Our flat fee collection service is an extension of your cannabis A/R process.
  • It is a seamless transition that helps you to get paid faster, with minimal effort, and at an affordable price.
  • If collections are handled on a timely basis, you will be able to predict cash flow more accurately and easily.

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Flat Fee Collection Service Benefits

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